My poem, “A New Beginning,” appears here! [This month’s Free Venice Beachhead – March 2015]

Free Venice Beachhead

I know a woman – By Mary Getlein
Silent Bells – By Lynette
I’ve Known Freedom – By Ashkii Newton
Greetings from Slab City – By Dusty P. Greenhaus
A NEW BEGINNING – By Hal Bogotch
Mind Your Mind – By Ronald McKinley
“Abstractions on a Reoccurring Theme” – By Miles Krumpak
Poleece in Veneece – By Moishe Shmendrick
Roger Houston
I know a woman

She did her time with
each new love of her life –
two years with this one
one year with that
each one taking up valuable time
she could have used for herself
only when she was older
did she realize!
The one she needed to love the most
was herself
all along she’d been
de-luded, de-nuded, de-constructed
in the ways of the world
who had to be on top
who was the boss

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