Let us think twice . . .

Let us think twice . . . and once more, before we rush to war.

Yes, Bashar al-Assad of Syria seems to be the latest incarnation

of pure evil. 

However, here’s a question to ponder:  when was the last time

that firing missiles actually produced a positive outcome? 

Destruction tends to breed resentment and a desire within

homegrown terrorists to strike (back) at us.

Granted, we cannot ignore the fact that Assad has used chemical

weapons against his own people.  What we ought to do is try to

get Russia, China, Iran, etc. to freeze the assets of the Syrian

government.  We ought to aim to hit Assad below the belt  —  in

his metaphorical wallet.

The point is, U.S.A., we have alternatives.  Let’s not rush into

yet another one of these push-button, video-game-like, military actions.

Peace can only be achieved through peaceful means.  And, the means

DO NOT justify the ends.  Thanks for listening!Image


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