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Friends DON’T let friends SHARE “DOCX” FILES


Microsoft Word© is a fine program, don’t get me wrong.  I’m actually using MS Word 2004 for Mac to compose this blog entry.  For folks who have newer versions running on Windows™ computers (I’m holding my nose now), the default format to save your new documents would be “docx.”   I wonder if anyone ever said that “default is best.”  I think not.  Decidedly not.  I hope you’ll agree with me.

When you create a new document in your shiny new word processor (let’s presume it’s a copyright-protected product of Microsoft®), please slow things down for a second.  Take it a step at a time.

From the top “File” menu (I hope you can still see the top menu words in the version of MS Word that you run  —  if not, neither God nor I can help you), please select ”Save as…

From here, you will see a dialogue box something like the one below:


If you should happen to see that the default extension is “docx,” please scroll down to “Format” and make a selection that is compatible with MS Word 2003 (Windows) and 2004 (Mac).  The extension should automatically change to “doc,” if you have made the correct choice.

When you share documents that you have created, the 3-letter extension “doc” will go a long way toward eliminating compatibility issues.  And, who knows?  It just might help you win friends and influence people!

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